My name is Mert Tuncay Firil. I was born on December 7, 1998. I was born and still living in Istanbul. My mother' s name is Dürnev. My father' s name is Yılmaz.

My primary school is Halil Türkkan Primary School. My middle school is Usküdar Doğa College. My high school is Istanbul Usküdar High School. This school is an anatolian high school. I am currently studying at Kocaeli University.


My primary school was social school.

I had a trip to Ukraine in 4th grade and I was gone. When I went to Ukraine I stayed with a family. I did not have much English at that time. So I missed a little family. I took a lot of photographs there but when I came back to Istanbul, I was in trouble and there were no photos.

I started playing water polo in the 4th grade.


I had a friendship problem while I was in middle school, but later I started to find friends. I went to 6th and 7th grade space camp in Izmir. When I go to class 6, the space camp is a two-day camper with the Turks. When I go to class 7, the space camp is a weekly camp where all the countries are located. There was a shuttle program at the space camp and we entered the simulation.

I started playing basketball in my middle school days.

At the end of the 8th grade there was a placement test to enter the high school. I worked on this test in grade 8.

Since middle school, I like watching videos from YouTube.


My high school was very social school.

I continued to play basketball in high school.

I am most afraid in the high school subject derivative and integration, but I am currently the best subject. I started working at YGS and LYS in 12th grade. In the 12th grade, our mathematics teacher made the barbecue party so that the examinations would be moral.

My high school days were very good.